"SanityRag" installation, 2019.

Clothes donated from the community, vinyl leather, paint

SanityRag challenges the attitudes, shame and the taboo topic of the menstrual cycle within the South Asian community from my (a male) perspective; whilst questioning the stigma and perspectives in other communities. I wanted to show that if the topic of menstrual cycle was not hidden away with shame and guilt but embraced as a political and social conversation it can maybe decrease the mental health and stigma that is associated.


The cut out square materials used were from South Asian clothes donated from women and men within the community. I chose this because women in rural areas in developing countries still use old rags from saris and garments as sanitary towels, due to stigma, period tax, unable to access and afford products, very similar to an old practice that existed in the UK. Printing actual menstrual cycle patterns, anonymously donated by women, on the rags creates a very real feel and image of the topic so the viewers may feel intrigued but also discomfort, experiencing only milder versions of the symptoms women go through. I used men's clothing as rags to also question the responsibility and role of men within this topic. The blank spaces in the SanityRag were an intentional insertion to show the stigma and notion of taboo conversations disappearing. Instagram: JustEnjoyDesign


The first ideas that emerged when developing SanityRag was from viewing archive items at the Tyne and Wear Archives, Discovery Museum. B.B.E 's research was particularly reflecting on how women and girls were treated historically in a negative and biased approach in Hospitals & Asylums as well as the history and concept of padded cells. He then explored this topic in a more specific way through his artwork by looking at Taboos and stigmas in his South Asian community.


Exhibited in the Heads & Tales Exhibition, Vane Gallery July 2019

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