Michael Thomas

“I love languages, alphabets and buses”


Art has helped me relax. I’ve made friends through it. It's given me new skills and exposed some hidden talents. I started making art when I started coming to Chilli.


I created the Mirabee character within the last 5 years. It's loosely based on the 'Bill and Ben' character called Weed, because it has a similar face. It feels like it came naturally to me, maybe from a dream. I used to watch 'Bill and Ben' and 'Andy Pandy' when I was younger.


The essentials of the Mirrabee are a circular head with serrated edges. Three or four spots or circles on the arms and legs and spots around the edge of the head. I invented the character, so there are no copyright issues. I’ve also invented other characters, such as The Seealater, which is an amphibious creature. It is based on mishearing the lyrics of Bill Hailey's song 'See You Later Alligator'.


I'm really interested in languages and have 'Alice in Wonderland' in many different languages. My favourites are a version that simulates dyslexia, a version in Jamaican Creole and one in Cockney rhyming slang.

Mirabees 2013-2019

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Contact info@chillistudios.co.uk

Mirabee landscapes 2016-2019

Torture devices 2004-2013

Mirabee Buses 2014-2019

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