The process of making art helps my mental health. I feel free when I paint, I love it. I forget about everything else. I love Chilli Studios, it's made me more confident. It's made me more sociable because I have to leave the house and interact with people at the studio.


I have a style of building up layers. I used to be a painter and decorator years ago. When I built the layers it becomes 3D, the more layers you build. It always changes and that’s what I like. If I, make a mistake I just go over it. Layer up paint so it comes out of the page like 3D. Embossed. Layering up if the colours aren't vibrant enough.


I want to challenge people. I don't want the paintings to look too much like the people, so they question who it is. It gets people thinking. I haven't studied art so I have to work things out for myself.


You'll hear people say, ‘You have to do things this way', but I couldn't be having that. I’ve got my own style.

Please respect all independent Artists!


(C) Copyright belongs to original Author/Artist of the unique works.


No sharing, copying or manipulation without the Artist consent!


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